Peeling Back The Layers of

Los Angeles Politics

Understanding The Structure of

Los Angeles Politics

President of the United States: Represents you and all
Americans to the world.

US Congress: Made up of two “groups”, the Senate and the House of
Representatives. The citizens in each state elect two Senators. Dianne Feinstein
and Alex Padilla are the current US Senators. The citizens from each state also
elect representatives. A difference is that the number of representatives a state
gets to elect is based on the population size of that state. California has 52 elected
representatives, which is the most of any state because we have the largest
population. A Congressional district is the area a Representative is from. Find
yours here:

California State Legislature: The Capitol is in Sacramento and also has two
“groups” of elected officials. These are the Senate and the State Assembly. There
are 40 elected Senators and each one represents about 931,000 people from
different areas of California, also known as districts. State Assembly officials
represent smaller districts of about 466,000 people each. Gavin Newson is the
Governor. You can find your state Senator and state Assembly representative

California is divided into 58 counties. Los Angeles is the largest county in the
United States with almost 10 million people. Instead of a mayor, Los Angeles
County has an elected Board of Supervisors. The county is divided into five
districts, so there are five board members. Go here to find your district:

Within Los Angeles County, is Los Angeles City where nearly 4 million people live.
Karen Bass is the Mayor and there are 15 elected City Council members who
represent 15 districts in the city.
There are 88 cities in Los Angeles County. Each city has a mayor and their own
City Council.

Neighborhood Councils are the closest form of government to the people in Los
Angeles City. There are 99 Neighborhood Councils with elected volunteer
representatives. These Councils represent about 40,000 people each.
Nearly all elected government officials are a member of a political party. The
main parties are Republican and Democrat. The Republicans are also known as
the GOP (grand old party). Both parties have National, State, and County
committees. These committees help elect candidates and register voters among
other things. Both parties also use the areas/boundaries established by the state
assembly. These are called the State Assembly Central Committees. Usually, it’s
just shortened to Central Committees. Other states might call these Precinct
Committees, Assembly Committees, or even Patriot Precincts. Each Central
Committee district has 7 representatives; most websites will show where there
are empty positions. Even if those positions are filled in your area, you can still
volunteer. Go to or for more information.